Sittings with monkeys – things you didn’t know.

Monkeys aren’t any rarer than other animals, though they still prove living in an intricate way, unavailable to other animals. In the wild, monkeys do a lot of crazy things. You could jump from one tree to another, swoop to a branch of bananas and do some excited noises all the way. Because we humans believe ourselves to be the most developed species on the Earth, other creatures are naturally getting degraded in our sight. The things that actually make the monkeys crazy are none other than the rudiments of very human nature we possess ourselves.

Monkeys have complex mechanisms that work in their own societies, though in captive we may not easily observe its perplexity. They still do a lot of things in zoos that none other animals do. You may often find them sit down and search each other for fleas. It is such a process, which requires two beings assisting each other to become effective. In the development countries you may not have many troubles with flea, but in Asian third world countries you may often find the neighbors sit together and look catch some fleas. This is the exact behavior that is available to monkeys too.

It is unlikely that the Asians and the monkeys would actually collaborate and copy each other skills in flea-fighting, but it could be likely, that Asians still do this because of genetically inheriting the certain patterns available to monkeys. This is not the ground for any racism or discrimination, but just an accurate observation, which other people fail to perceive.

I really believe that monkeys should not be held in zoos, because it’s like imprisoning our fellow human beings just because they haven’t yet mentally developed to a desirable extent. Would you dare to imprison someone who is hairy and stupid, yet haven’t done any crime nor possessed a feasible danger?  But that’s exactly what we are doing to monkeys! If it was my will, I would probably put end to these ever greedy zoos… or at least I would have made the zoos more comfortable, just like is happening in Holland. Just check and see how their zoos are different. In fact the Holland appears to be one of the most humane countries when it comes to the animals their needed respect. Even though I wouldn’t consider living in Holland myself, I would likely do that if I happened to be a monkey.