The powerful experiences or the places to visit in Netherlands.

When you happen to be in the Netherlands you will have a number of places, which you absolutely have to visit. In this article we will discuss the places, which people are believe to be of the most importance to this country. No matter if you visited Holland as an actual tourist or just happened to pass it by, you could always find a couple of hours of time and just give it go. In the end you will learn a lot about Dutch, and also understand what makes their country so unique and different.

The first place you should visit is a coffee shop. Coffee shop is not only a good way to refresh yourself, but also to get yourself relaxed from daily stress and other troubles. When you get moderately stoned it becomes a nice thing to go out and walk around on the Dutch streets. It is even better to visit some cultural places or parks, where you could actually connect with the nature. The ecology in the Netherland is really quite good, so every bit of air you breathe is actually refreshing and even invigorating.

As there aren’t many forests around the city, the best place to find some solitude would be zoo. There you could not only communicate with your monkey ancestors, but also draw something more from the animal world, before the coffee shop effects runs out. What kind of animal would be most appropriate for you? This would be really individual. Most of the people prefer to deal with powerful animals, which include lions, snakes and eagles. Rhino is also a tremendous creature that bears archaic powers of the dinosaur epoch. On the other hand, some other people may prefer more weirdo animals while visiting zoo.

Just imagine, even a gopher could become your mentor, if your fates actually become intertwined. When this happens, we can never know without letting go of any doubts and surrendering to the experience. Zoos and parks out there are really powerful places when it comes to spiritual or mystical experience. These brief moments of bliss, experienced while in the animal realm, you could be remembered for years while giving you clear directions for your inner and spiritual being. A lot of people also testify to become wiser and developing more consciousness after visiting the Netherland parks.