Monkey Island

Sittings with monkeys – things you didn’t know

Monkeys aren’t any rarer than other animals, though they still prove living in an intricate way, unavailable to other animals. In the wild, monkeys do a lot of crazy things. You could jump from one tree to another, swoop to a branch of bananas and do some excited noises all the way. Because we humans believe ourselves to be the most developed species on the Earth, other creatures are naturally getting degraded in our sight. The things that actually make the monkeys crazy are none other than the rudiments of very human nature we possess ourselves. Continue reading


Holland Zoo Inhabitants

As long as I remember the Holland, it was quite loyal to animals and it’s not a surprise. With Holland being one of the most culturally developed countries in the European Union, their treatment of animals is also properly maintained. Now this is not just the words, as we would have taken from the country’s residents – Holland also does very much for the maintenance of the environment, especially in respect of the animal parks. Their animal parks are unlike anywhere else – the animals are being held in such environment that is actually closest to their natural habitat. Just see this, and you will understand what I mean. Continue reading


The things to do and not to do in the zoo

Zoo is a very fun and interesting place, which could be entertaining for both kids and adults. When you come to a particular zoo, you will often see a lot of things going all around. Adjusting to this new environment may take some time, and in the meanwhile you may often find yourself somewhat puzzled or slacking. It is thus for your own good to let go of any worries and start enjoying right away. You could often just give yourself to this experience and start playing with animals and even interact with them in a special way. At the same time there are still a number of precautions, of which it is better to be informed beforehand. Continue reading


The powerful experiences of the places to visit in the Netherlands

When you happen to be in the Netherlands you will have a number of places, which you absolutely have to visit. In this article we will discuss the places, which people are believe to be of the most importance to this country. No matter if you visited Holland as an actual tourist or just happened to pass it by, you could always find a couple of hours of time and just give it go. In the end you will learn a lot about Holland, and also understand what makes their country so unique and different. Continue reading